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Auto Repair Services Today Can Change the Life of  Injured Veterans Tomorrow



   Our purpose and passion grew from:

  • Recognition of and appreciation for military protection of oil resources so vital to our our industry.

  • Our background in automotive and education fields.

  • Family history of veterans in WWI, WWII, Vietnam Era and the Middle East.

  • Study of troubling stories and statistics about the needs of injured veterans who struggle to resume their civilian lives.

  • Belief that business and industry 
    can be dedicated tools for positive social change.

  • Our wish to help America fulfill its
    ​promise to volunteer soldiers and injured veterans as a business response to a social responsibility.

  • Read more on the "About" page.

          Ike & Denise Johnson​ 2014

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... the willingness with which our young people are likely to serve in any war, no matter how justified, shall be directly proportional to how they perceive the veterans of earlier wars were treated and appreciated by their nation.  

~ George Washington
First President and Commander-in-Chief

      of the United States of America.   



 DAY TAKE THEIR OWN                   LIVES

  If you are a veteran, or if  you are concerned about a     veteran's  state of mind,               CALL NOW

   24/7 National Veterans    Crisis Line 800-272-8255


Warning: Some images depict danger, violence

human suffering and death. 


    General Martin Dempsey Arlington in 2013:   "We can't pay these guys enough for what we asked them to do over there."


  Four Veterans Groups reported in 2014:Billions more dollars  needed now to address veterans' health care, benefits issues and infrastructure.

The cost of the Middle East Wars could reach Six  trillion dollars -- including humanitarian expenses to treat  and assist injured veterans.

​​ Latest reported annual sales for the global automotive industry were in excess of  Four trillion dollars. 



If 100,000 small-business automotive owners subscribe to the Directory, the $20/month listing fee would gross over $20 million each year.--And that does not include the anticipated income from advertising space reserved for larger entities in the industry!

This venture is urgently needed because TAXES and CHARITY cannot do it all. The humanitarian liabilities of Post 9/11 wars will be society's responsibility for another fifty years. America needs a committed business response to this social responsibility. If you are going to advertise every year that you're in business anyway --why not choose this way to make a lasting difference? 


 With your participation, this Directory will accelerate funding for America's injured veterans.  Participation also will double the impact of your advertising expense, improve your bottom line, and enhance your brand as a visible supporter of a worthy and urgent cause. That is the definition of a "Win-Win" venture.


Every automotive business must advertise--even knowing those dollars don't go very far.
One manufacturer plans to advertise in 140 countries in 2015! 

The typical cost for small businesses to market products or services is roughly 
10% of expenses. 
But the return on investment??  -- Still only 1% to 4%--and no guarantees!

One plus:  advertising expenses are tax deductible-- without the caps on charitable deductions.

Did you know?   




​​BILLIONS SHORT                      TRILLIONS SPENT                          TRILLIONS EARNED                          MILLIONS NEEDED 

We can try !

Coming Soon.

Our country's military has remained strong because of the trained, disciplined, and courageous 
volunteer soldiers in today's armed forces, who serve wherever they are sent.  

Our country's automotive industry has remained strong because of its vision, engineering, skills, competition, advertising--and a continuous supply of oil,  protected by U.S. military infrastructure

--including young soldiers--for three decades.



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