Corporate structure


  • Founding Partner, Isaac Johnson. Owner-operator of  auto repair shop. Navy Veteran.

  • Founding Partner,  Denise Johnson, Office Mgr., former Spec. Ed. teacher & advocate.

           Volunteer Board of Advisors

  • Adam Denning, automotive service  manager
  • Audrey Blust, teacher, daughter of WWII Vet.

  • Philip Brown, energy industry retired,  Vietnam veteran
  • David Jordan, CEO Oil Changes for Charities             

"Profit-to-Purpose" is a Win-Win !

Public Benefit Corporation defines the legal structure of this business. This model is chosen by social entrepreneurs who are both profit and mission motivated. They envision a business with a multi-bottom line:  Profit, People, Planet. They are striving to put a new face on the traditional models of success and prosperity,​ with products and services that are designed to do good in the community-- as pledged in their Articles of Incorporation, and as shown by their business activities.

​​This is why US Automotive Gives Back, Inc. was founded: To run a prof​it​able, practical advertising business catering to auto repair small-business needs, while enhancing all others in the automotive industry who choose to advertise. Success will mean profit; butsignificance will come from using the power of business to fuel a positive social impact. Our donation of 100% of net profits will be that fuel! 

This advertising expense is also a  win-win accounting concept. As an advertiser, your payments are fully tax deductible expenses. Yet a good portion will be donated to the cause for injured veterans, and that will enhance your company's image.

With your participation as an auto repair services subscriber, an automotive business advertiser--or as a supporter who spreads the word to potential advertisers--we can begin to help more injured veterans and their families to rebuild their American Dream.                                            


"What do you do for someone  who is willing to give up everything for you?"  

​   Bob Woodruff, DAV
             The Woodruff Foundation



Appoint a board to monitor activities for profit and mission fulfillment*

File articles of incorporation

Earn a profit

Pay employees fairly

Record all expenses

​Pay taxes

File tax returns 

Document progress 

Twenty-three states have passed legislation for benefit corporations, and more are in the process. States vary in their regulations, but a stronger emphasis on transparency and accountability is standard. There are no tax advantages for benefit corporations.

The B-LAB Corporation is a non-profit organization in Wayne, PA, that provides a system of standards for performance and accountability for benefit corporations to follow.  It begins with a self-assessment. Becoming eligible for a B-LAB assessment is part of our business plan.


    Ike & Denise Johnson

    Founders and Business Owners

    US Automotive Gives Back, Inc.

​    Exton, PA  19341

Business Registration Documents

What makes our business innovative?

        A Public Benefit  Corporation for advertising-- with the transparency needed to earn your trust.
  • Our online business will double the impact of your ad or listing--by improving your bottom line with a fully deductible business expense that will publicly support the best programs for injured veterans. 
  • The classic format will provide online stability and authenticity for your company via your website--without the "noise or clutter" of other styles or trends. 
  • We will publish historical and current information about automotive, military and veterans' topics to build SEO content, and to inform or entertain visitors to our website.
  • Our corporation's financial support for veterans will derive mainly from advertising revenues. 
  • In the first two years, the owners will not take any compensation until a minimum of $5,000 per month (or $60,000 per year) is flowing to the chosen funds and organizations that currently assist our veterans. 
  • The owners, Isaac and Denise Johnson, will never take more in compensation than the corporation is donating, or more than is reasonable for the job. The board of trustees will have input and responsibility in compensation areas.
  • All profit earned in the month of September will be deposited in a Fund for First Responders to be saved for any terrorist attack in the U.S.  Donations will be accepted for this fund.
  • Annual filing of income tax returns will be 100% transparent and posted to the website.
  • An application for B-Lab certification (  will be submitted as soon as we are eligible.

The automotive industry as a whole earns over four trillion dollars in sales annually! This is a competitive and dynamic industry that spends billions on advertising  and marketing every year, all of which are legitimate tax deductions.  You can increase those deductions by advertising in the US Automotive Gives Back directory to improve your company's bottom line-- while also meeting an urgent social need in a business way.  
​Now that's a great "Return on Investment!"


This is a win-win-win opportunity for all advertisers, consumers and, of course, our injured veterans.

                        BUSINESS as an on-goingforce  for good

The challenges facing injured and disabled veterans are well documented.  Medicine, technology and rapid response time have increased the survival rates for troops with devastating physical injuries; but not without prolonged pain and suffering. The trauma to their bodies cannot be compared to everyday accidents of civilian life. Many veterans are living the "war after the war" -- from  Post Traumatic Distress (Disorder) and Traumatic Brain Injury --the "invisible injuries"--which are epidemic among soldiers who fought in heavy combat situations or near explosive devices and mortar shelling. Thousands of disabled vets from Vietnam Era forward are lost--homeless or unemployed--and need to be reclaimed by society.

Transition from military to civilian can feel abrupt and disorienting for the all-volunteer service men and women. Unemployment for this group is the highest in the nation. Taxes and donations cannot increase fast enough to meet their current and projected needs. It has been said that Injured Veterans now need a committed, comprehensive and compassionate response from the private sector, the business sector and the government sector. (Think emergency triage!) The automotive industry can step up to this challenge with gratitude and pride. This is the time for us all to say in unison to the veterans--

                                                                                                         "Now we have Your back!"

We're turning ads for automotive businesses into aid for injured veterans.