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 aftermarket repair businesses.

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Thank you for your interest.

Small-Business MONTHLY FEE: $20.00 with early signup:   To be paid quarterly or annually. Subscribe today!  After we publish, you will be contacted by email for payment arrangements. When payment is received, your website link will be activated.

There are no hidden extras, no tasks for you, no contracts, and no cancellation fees. No clutter, no intrusive ads, no gimmicks. The Directory listings will not be in alphabetical order. Businesses will be listed in order of enrollment date.  

The low price includes your business name,  website hyperlink & telephone number. The URL can be for your website or landing page, Google + or Facebook page.

ONE CLICK will show customers all of your business features in an instant. You paid for a  website--and this platform will send them to it. The simple format will be mobile-phone accessible, for the high percentage of shoppers who use portable devices.

Publication could begin in April 2015. Please do not delay.The future of some veteran somewhere depends on your commitment.

All other U.S. Automotive Industry businessescan contact us below about advertising space. 

We are a Public Benefit Corporation for advertising-- with the transparency needed to earn your trust.

  • Our online business will double the impact of your ad or listing--by improving your bottom line with a fully deductible business expense that will publicly support the best programs for injured veterans. 
  • The classic format will provide online stability and authenticity for your company via your website--without the "noise or clutter" of other pricey styles or trends. 
  • We will publish historical and current information about automotive, military and veterans' topics to build content, and to inform or entertain visitors to our website.
  • Our corporation's financial support for veterans will derive mainly from advertising revenues. 
  • In the first two years, the owners will not take any salary until a minimum of $5,000 per month (or $60,000 per year) is flowing to the chosen fund and organizations that currently assist our veterans. 
  • The owners, Isaac and Denise Johnson, will never take more in compensation than the corporation is donating, or more than is reasonable for the job. The board of trustees will have input and responsibility in compensation and donation areas.
  • All profit earned in the month of September will be deposited in a Fund for First Responders to be saved for any terrorist attack in the U.S. Donations will be accepted for this fund.
  • Annual filing of income tax returns will be 100% transparent and posted to the website.
  • An application for B-Lab certification
    (B-lab.org)  will be submitted as soon as we are eligible.

"Real generosity toward the future lies in giving all to the present."

                      Albert Camus